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Acrylic Rhinestone Products 

Acrylic Rhinestone Products


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Sew on glass stone
FOB Guangzhou sew on crystal

Beautiful sew on crystals ,gives great sparkles Special design with two holes , gives your dresses gorgeous look  crystal materials , super refractive,perfect light through Available in more than 60 colours. Clear crystal and crystal AB large quantity stock Available in all kinds of shapes and regular sizes

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Acrylic flat back rhinestone
Sew on acrylic stone...

Lead free Nickel free Absolute harmless to skin Eet OEKO standard Great refrative and light-through effect Large stock available, within 24 hours shipping Payment guaranteed with third party payment 

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Acrylic Rhinestone Products
OEM mufacturing crystal...

Resin rhinestones crystal sticker Lead free nickel free, phathelet free, environmetally friendly Single piece packing Excellent sparkles. Factory OEM in China

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